Darren Romeo: The Voice of Magicnimda

When not touring the world, Darren Romeo has starred in his own show as “Siegfried & Roy presents, Darren Romeo” at the Mirage Resort Hotel and Casino. He has also performed in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace and the Flamingo Hilton and at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood to name but a few.

Magician Romeo said, “Magic is my passion and The Smoky Mountain Opry Theater is one of the most beautiful theaters I’ve ever seen. I will be able to present the biggest and best version of my show ever!” Adding, “And with majestic tigers, I hope to honor and celebrate the legacy of Siegfried and Roy.”

One of the most awarded magicians in the history of magic, Romeo has garnered an extensive list of accolades including: “Magician of the Year” from the Magic Castle, The Academy of Magical Arts, Inc.; “Show of the Year” (2 years in a row) from the Branson Critic Association and the “Milbourne Christopher Award for Notable Contributions to the Art of Magic” from The Society of American Magicians (SAM).

Recognizing the historical importance the “Art of Magic” has had throughout the centuries, Romeo will honor Harry Blackstone Jr.’s legacy by performing his famous “Floating Light Bulb” Illusion – the only magician in the world granted permission from the Blackstone family to perform this full tribute.